Wednesday, 23 October 2013

To be able to understand

   In order to be able to percieve to anotherone's feelings might be so difficult espacially nowadays between couples, friends, familes. This problem tells impressively in Red film which was made by Kieslowsky. What the film wants to tell is that in fast-paced lifestyle and society give us lack of understanding and insensitivity between eachother the most. Nearly everything is that about our life is incomplete whenever couples speak to eachother in the film. They want to understand but cant achive it. Speakings take place usually by phone. Phone is a perfect symbol that the director used. That is a machine, a tech symbol that tell us about today's world.

   So today when i spoke to my soul (girl firend) on the mobilephone i felt it. to tell the topic is not important in here now but i might say that im worried about her whenever she is not beside me. Maybe i think of her so much or im right to think about her. After all, she is not just my beloved. she is my daughter as well. and please whenever i want to know excatly on time about what happend. Understand me and quickly let's omit this topic without discussion. I love you so much. :)

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Things that i've seen about life

Today, in the morning, i dreamed again. i was going to space with a friend. im was in a narrow spaceship and i was asking tiny things my friend. That was my first dream. After that i found my self in a place in the world with a friend and my mum. we were walking a point to get on the spaceship. I looked at the sky. The sun already dissapeared and the moon was in the air. when i looked at the sky i saw the moon and many bats which cover in front of the moon. They were flying and passing from the moon. Then we got a iron tower. The tower made many iron bars. We had to climb stairs. I was really fed up. it was so difficult to climb even to hold bars. But we started to climb with a friend and my mum. at the end we achived to come tip of the tower. There was a old window i looked out from the window. Then i turned my back and i found my self that i already woke up.

for long time i've dreamd about journeys. and many nightmare. in this dream which is above, i was really fed up, in fact tired. so it means nowadays really im tired by life.