Thursday, 10 October 2013

Things that i've seen about life

Today, in the morning, i dreamed again. i was going to space with a friend. im was in a narrow spaceship and i was asking tiny things my friend. That was my first dream. After that i found my self in a place in the world with a friend and my mum. we were walking a point to get on the spaceship. I looked at the sky. The sun already dissapeared and the moon was in the air. when i looked at the sky i saw the moon and many bats which cover in front of the moon. They were flying and passing from the moon. Then we got a iron tower. The tower made many iron bars. We had to climb stairs. I was really fed up. it was so difficult to climb even to hold bars. But we started to climb with a friend and my mum. at the end we achived to come tip of the tower. There was a old window i looked out from the window. Then i turned my back and i found my self that i already woke up.

for long time i've dreamd about journeys. and many nightmare. in this dream which is above, i was really fed up, in fact tired. so it means nowadays really im tired by life.


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