Tuesday, 25 February 2014

You and Me

    We couldnt achieve somthing. Neither Eastern nor Western. We should have been free, should have had shining eyes without self interests, with love, brotherhood, equalty for all of us. 

   We are wanted to control, rule, dominate and consume our beautiful things inside by who is above us.

   Im walking on a road, my feet are stepping slowly. Im seeing many huge worlds on the road. They are living with happiness. 

   But Sky is so far, after all, blue. Top of the trees, leafs, branches are meeting with the Sky. As if trying to hold on.

   And a Bird, thinking something by looking at far under the breeze and cold. Maybe She/ He wants to leave  behind him/ her everything coz never want to beg anyone.

  That bird you and me dear... 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Beautiful Foggy Day

    Today is a Foggy day. Always it reminds me something hidden come down  onto the earth and wandering in somewhere behind the huge smoke. 

   as if it means a power which covering and hugging the all earth. Its holding everywhere like a huge quilt. But the most thing, it came down so close to us and palpable, feelable, visible. 

   The nature shows us her huge and silent power with Fog. She sends us it and wants us to feel something. 

  And whenever the fog comes down from the sky, I feel happy. coz then I feel that there is something power which stronger then people. and suddenly can destroy everthing the people have done.

   Today in the morning I was feeling being trapped among somethings. But the Fog, reminded me once more somethings. So when I entered into the room by opening the door, the co-workers which have all surly face told me why I smiled.

   They didnt know that I also heard my beloved's beautiful sound. :)

Any Morning in this City

    Almost Every morning if you face with a surly, unsmiling face what would you think?

   Imagine, You woke up and the day is maybe cheerful or gloomy day for you. But after all you are trying to be happy, coz you've got some expectations from the future, the life is moving, the sun is rising onto the earth, trees, grasses, seas. Everything is again starting to born. even cats are starting to meow :)

   So then, you get in a car, and say good morning to someone...

   Yes this point is so important. coz you meet a slimy plastic potato face and a mouth which is frustrating :) the mouth is replying by saying "good morning"... hmm you can be scared. at the same time somthing is interesting happening that Folds of that mouth is suddenly smiling like full of animal meat in a balloon and suddenly again coming back the normal position of it. Then you're confused that where you are and with and why. 

   Wheels of the car are moving to somewhere among the smoke, pressed concretes and machines. 

   But The Sun is continuing to rise with all his power to give something.