Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Any Morning in this City

    Almost Every morning if you face with a surly, unsmiling face what would you think?

   Imagine, You woke up and the day is maybe cheerful or gloomy day for you. But after all you are trying to be happy, coz you've got some expectations from the future, the life is moving, the sun is rising onto the earth, trees, grasses, seas. Everything is again starting to born. even cats are starting to meow :)

   So then, you get in a car, and say good morning to someone...

   Yes this point is so important. coz you meet a slimy plastic potato face and a mouth which is frustrating :) the mouth is replying by saying "good morning"... hmm you can be scared. at the same time somthing is interesting happening that Folds of that mouth is suddenly smiling like full of animal meat in a balloon and suddenly again coming back the normal position of it. Then you're confused that where you are and with and why. 

   Wheels of the car are moving to somewhere among the smoke, pressed concretes and machines. 

   But The Sun is continuing to rise with all his power to give something.


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