Tuesday, 25 February 2014

You and Me

    We couldnt achieve somthing. Neither Eastern nor Western. We should have been free, should have had shining eyes without self interests, with love, brotherhood, equalty for all of us. 

   We are wanted to control, rule, dominate and consume our beautiful things inside by who is above us.

   Im walking on a road, my feet are stepping slowly. Im seeing many huge worlds on the road. They are living with happiness. 

   But Sky is so far, after all, blue. Top of the trees, leafs, branches are meeting with the Sky. As if trying to hold on.

   And a Bird, thinking something by looking at far under the breeze and cold. Maybe She/ He wants to leave  behind him/ her everything coz never want to beg anyone.

  That bird you and me dear... 


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