Friday, 21 March 2014

Soldiering or Brotherhood??

    Last night you have gone in the dark which was in the white dirty lights, in yelling sounds. At first there was a silence, then small chats eachother. Sometimes we loughed, smiled, making jokes but always you looked thoughtful. We took you to the Terminal station. For months, You were waiting for this inevitable situation, and also we were. and in the end, It came.

   We waved you. Our eyes filled with tears. You were silent at the end. and fear inside. You hugged, we hugged before. Dirty lights were coming from nothingness as if they are explaining emotions of yours.

  And, the moment of seperation... And waving, yellings around us. there are many like you. And getting home, seeing your slippers in cold...

  For long time, I've been thinking of you my brother that We have wonderful brotherhood between us. even if we didnt manage close enough eachother.

   Kivanc, I always care you, mind you. and still. But always blaming myself coz of not being able to be close.

  The best communication is maybe feelings, but last night I hugged you then I feeled that I missed you so much.

   And now. you have gone. I miss you more. My dear brother. be sure, All of us will wait for you. until that day. And also your place at home. Bört, too...


N.Narda said...

who is Bört :) Kardeşlik güzeldir, genellikle .

gonenc said...

Bört, dünyanın en güzel kedisi :)

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