Monday, 30 March 2015

Considering Beauty

    Yesterday I've clarified something more. That was about the more being interested in appearances of things makes people more comparator other people in differences.

   For example, if you see many beautiful girls ( according to media ) in a day in news papers, TV, or around you that leads to consider of them more, surely its the same for Women against Men. the more Caring beauty and handsomeness cause comparing, contrasting people more. Because you are interested in beauty and handsomeness not only interesting, about as high proportion. When you see a beautiful woman or a handsome man ( according to Media ) you look at them long time and look into them, consider. Sometimes this happens fastly sometimes longly but electrical puls flow in the correct ways in your brain.

  So what I want to say, if you are so ( that they are majority ), you automatically look down who has a mistake in their appearance also. Thats the important point which I wanna come at.

   the more being interested in beauty girls or handsome boys, the more looking down who has mistake in their appereance like disables. This is terrible for Humanity espacially our todays high visual world.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Make Way

    If you deeply consider that a company you work has began to create a big barrier in front of you, If you think that that company keeps all your hands to not be able to go forward to do better and if you really think that the company gives you a little wage for all.

 Also If you strongly believe that you can definetly do more, you need only an available way, If you feel that you need only a step, a small movement, a shaking for all these, and if you know that you have to make your own way. 

   Then, why dont you think of getting rid of all these obstacles by cutting down that dried, death and rotten of all these thick poles to go through.