Friday, 8 May 2015

The West, over the UK Elections

David and Samantha Cameron

   I was following the English media and some recorded videos in youtube about UK elections

   David Cameron and his party conservatives won the election after the long waiting. Labours were expecting to be majorty but that became a big disapointing to them. After this, ED Miliband and the leaders of  LP, UKIP have stood down.

   Perhaps the most sensible explanation in this result can be explained about growing SNP and conservatizating West. They feed eachother mutually. Racisim againts Blacks, the rest of West and islamophobia are rising. That can be on purpose and politicly or not but this rightist rise could bring us more discrimination and inequality in the future.

   Now we are waiting what will happen in Turkey election, this is also pretty critical.


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